California Sky Rock

A high angle shot of the sandy hills in a deserted area under the bright sky

The Bishop Mountains is located in central California, on the eastern side of Humboldt County. They stretch for some two and a half miles along the Sacramento River’s shore in the city of Bishop.

Initially settled by Native Americans, the location has been changed several times to accommodate people and protect them from erosion, fire, and the elements.

Once used as an administrative center for the San Francisco Bay mission system, Bishop was eventually used as a city by the Humboldt Indians. Many buildings are constructed of stone or brick, with many of them being old log cabins that have been preserved to form a natural park.

In addition to the buildings, several stone pillars and sandstone outcroppings have been located throughout the park. These are built of raw materials and provide shelter from the sun, wind, and rain.

Over the centuries, Bishop has seen many developments that have added to its cultural and natural history.

Two historical sites are listed among the National Register of Historic Places. One is Sky Rock, which is one of the largest Native American burial mounds in the west. The other is the Indian village named Chippewa Lake.

Today, visitors can find out more about these sites by visiting the Bishop Museum and Historic Site. The Native American Cultural Center is also located within the park.

Sky Rock

One of the most beautiful things to see in Bishop is Sky Rock, located on the eastern side of the park. It is a natural formation that resembles a volcanic rock outcrop. It is made up of layers of rock that have different colors.

On top of the Sky Rock is a flat rock face covered with moss and other types of plant life. Above the grassy area is a flat lava rock surface. Because it was formed by water, this lava rock is white, black, and grey. Because of its unique coloring, Sky Rock has been a popular attraction for travelers for over a hundred years.

Historic Cemeteries

Native American ruins built during the past few hundred years include two cemeteries located close to the park. Both are historical and are considered of historical significance.

The cemetery is known as Pine Ridge Cemetery. This area contains several graves that have been marked for many years as Native Americans. Some of the tombs include artifacts such as pottery, bells, and other Native American articles. The area also houses a small lake and numerous stone benches.

Chippewa Lake

The other historic site in Bishop is called Chippewa Lake. This area is also located on the eastern side of the park and contains several homes and cemeteries. A short drive south of Bishop is the Chippewa Indian Reservation. There are some Native American lodges and cabins that serve as resting places for the tribe’s members.…