An aerial shot of a ship and iceberg in Antarctica.

Antarctica, the coldest and most remote continent, is a vastly under-developed, icy desert, situated north of Australia.

Most voyages to this continent go through the Antarctica Peninsula, which extends southward into South America. It is well-known for its pristine, iceberg-free passes, marked by huge glaciers and marked by massive icebergs.

The continent is home to more than half of the world’s penguins, as well as the unique Adhoi Community, which live in villages on the mountains. It is also visited by cruise ships, whose itineraries include visits to Heard Island, the largest colony of penguins in the world.

The South Pole is the coldest part of the planet, where ice doesn’t form in summer and snow doesn’t melt in winter. You don’t have to visit Antarctica to experience the cold and vastness of this arctic region, however. Many expeditions, from both scientific and adventure tours, take place in the region to explore the polar ice cap, which is shrouded in arctic snow nearly year round.


Another reason to visit Antarctica is the marvels of its wildlife. While it is home to few animal species that are native to Earth, the Antarctic region is also the home of some truly unique species.

The penguin is the only species that makes a migration through the ice each year, traveling up to 30 miles every hour. In July and August, Emperor Penguins (especially the emperor Gentoo penguin) arrives in Antarctica to mate and build their nests, laying hundreds of thousands of eggs that will hatch into baby penguins that can survive the long journey across the ice.

Because of the remoteness of the place, traveling to Antarctica is considered a challenging endeavor. You can take a flight to South Africa or Australia and make a short flight to Antarctica. However, an even more extensive journey requires a cruise ship that docks at the Antarctica Peninsula.

Once you have reached the peninsula, your tour group can travel by foot or by water to the many glaciers and icebergs hidden within the ice. This experience allows you to see the ice-ridden wilderness of the region, as well as the seasonal streams and rivers that connect the ice-covered land. Your vacation also gives you the opportunity to visit icebergs that are billions of feet below the surface.

Silver Sea Cruises

Another exciting way to see the Antarctic is through the service of a Silver Sea Cruises. Silver Sea Cruises provides customized naturalist journeys to the world’s most remote places. Unlike other cruise ships, they actually anchor in place and travel around the icebergs in search of different icebergs.

Once they have identified a good iceberg, the ships then anchor in place and wait for a viewing opportunity. After visiting the beautiful landscape of Antarctica, the tour group can explore the many caves and icy shelves.

Final Thoughts

There is no other place in the world that has as much geographical variation as Antarctica. No matter if you choose a traditional cruise or an expedition ship, you will never be bored on your trip to Antarctica. Unlike other tourist destinations, there is so much more to see and do in Antarctica. If you have never visited this exotic location, you should definitely consider making a trip to Antarctica.