Trevi Italy is a spectacular little corner of Tuscany I’ve been lucky enough to be close to since moving here several years ago.

I had my first experience of Trevi way back when I took a short break from teaching in Florence to go and work in a local printing factory near Trevi and Polegato.

I worked there for a couple of years, first as an assistant for a young printer who had just opened a new factory there and later managing his entire department.

It was great fun, at times, to see all the printers running around doing their thing, but it became exhausting after a while. So I saved my money to take a short vacation to Tuscany and explore this beautiful little corner I’d never been to before.

Medieval Hill Town

Trevi is an old medieval town in Umbria, Italy on the eastern side of Monte Serano overlooking the Po River and the sandy plain of the Cliunctiono Della Madiondo. It’s 10 kilometers SSE of Foligno and about 20 kilometers north of Spoleto.

There is a bus route to take you to Trevi and the nearest hotel is the Arco di Trevi, which is around two miles from the center of Trevi.

During the summer season (from May to September), the Palazzo del Sasso hosts summer concerts and events in the St. Cecelia Theater. During this time, there is also a big exhibition in the city in which several architects and cultural artists have come together to display their works.

Medieval Castles

In Trevi, the most important attractions are the Uffizi Gallery, the Trevi Cathedral and the Museo Civico. The Uffizi Gallery has great works by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and other famous painters.

The other tourist attractions in Trevi are the Medieval Town Square and the San Lorenzo Castle, with the Uffizi Gallery located in the Gothic style atop the hill of Piazza del Bisiacchia.

The San Lorenzo Castle has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This castle was the last fortress defending the town of Trevi from the marauding Turkish army in the 7th century.

For Nature Lovers

You can find some beautiful gardens in Trevi and the surrounding area. You can go horse riding, hiking, and take part in different sporting activities here. There are many golf courses as well in the area.

If you are a nature lover and want to visit the national parks and forests, then you can hire a Trevi rental car for your visit.

Trevi has such amazing landscapes and spectacular vistas. There are also nature parks that you can visit.

Final Words

So, I had to come back. I love Italy, and this little town reminded me of just how special it is to me. The people are friendly, the food is great, and there is something special about this little town that makes me want to return year after year. When summer comes, Trevi, Italy is ready for an outing.