The best Christmas destinations are often to those that are far out of the way. For some, Christmas is a time for getting right back to basics: family, good food, and the familiarity of the face of Christmas.

Others prefer the excitement of a Christmas vacation to the stress of the everyday grind. Whatever the personal preference, there are destinations that offer the very best Christmas vacation. Here are some favorites:


Italy is one of the best vacation spots for anyone looking to escape the grind of life. It has the charm and appeal of a faraway culture steeped in tradition and art, and the charm of a warm and sunny winter that’s not chill but magically festive. Whether you want to experience the magic of a snow-filled Tuscan countryside during summer vacation, or the warmth and comfort of a Venice vacation in November, Italy’s climate ensures that it will be a place that keeps on giving.

The best vacations in Italy often include a stop in Venice, which is a must-see city during the Christmas season; and even if you’re not going all the way there, taking a trip to the spectacular town of Genoa may still be a better fit.


Montreal is Canada’s most popular city, and for good reason. There is a reason why millions of people flock to the island every Christmas and New Year. Montreal has a history that dates back to the early 17th century and is home to some of the most distinctive and beautiful old towns in all of North America (and Europe). One of the best Christmas destinations in Canada, Montreal offers ample food choices, public transportation, and historical sites that are sure to thrill and fascinate you for years to come. Don’t leave home without making this city your first stop on your Christmas vacation!

Santa Barbara, California

If beaches and sunshine are what you’re looking for in your holiday, look no further than Santa Barbara, California. Situated just between Los Angeles and San Diego, this beach-paradise is one of the most well-known destinations in Southern California. A short driving distance from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara boasts many museums, art galleries, and quaint cafes – as well as the world-famous Santa Barbara International Raceway – which host a variety of races and festivities every June.


In the heart of the American south lies the state of Mississippi. This region features some of the most picturesque landscapes imaginable, as well as the annual White Christmas market – a huge and popular outdoor marketplace with all kinds of deals set out for shoppers to enjoy. Holiday-makers often travel to this area to take in the warm, friendly atmosphere that this part of the country provides.


Whether you’re looking for a more rural place to spend your Christmas holidays, or a city centre where you can escape the masses, there are a number of Christmas destinations in the US that will suit your traveling style.